The Congost de Mont Rebei is one of the most impressive canyons of Spain. The gorge is formed by the river Noguera Ribagorçana as it passes the mountains of Montsec and it is the natural border between Catalonia and Aragon. The natural park is over 600 hectares and is home to different kinds of vultures and eagles, which can be spotted in the canyon. In contrary to the famous Camino del Rey in the south of Spain, this canyon is still relatively unknown and therefore is not yet part of the popular tourist circuits. The hike we took started off with offering some startling views on the river bassin and the surrounding mountains, all covered in a soft mist. This wide landscape slowly evolved into a nearly claustrophobic, narrow gorge, 500 meters high and at times only 20 meters wide. The most spectaculair feature of the trail is undoubtedly the part that is carved out in the rocks and offers the hiker vertiginous sights into the gorge. Vertical rock formations in a variety of beige, brown tints lead the gaze downwards, to the bright turquoise river at the bottom.

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